Projects that I work on…

Splunk-CLI: This is a program, written in the fabulous Go language that abstracts the Splunk REST API to facilitate doing things like:

The purpose of this CLI is to help facilitate CI/CD processes. In other words, you put this CLI into a Runner/Agent to scan a Git repo with the Splunk XML/YAML files that represent dashboards/alerts, and it will provision your Splunk instance. I’ve partnered with the fabulous Day2On Cohort to co-release and sponsor this work.

Vault SSH One-Time-Password PoC: This is a recipe that stands up two EC2’s in AWS: one having Vault installed, and one playing the part of a ‘regular instance’. This example shows how Vault can be used to generate and use One-Time passwords to gain access to a fleet of EC2’s via SSH. This is fundamentally different than passing around private SSH keys.

og_platform_eng Docker Image / Github: This is a docker image that contains cloud and dev tools that I use quite often. Simply do a docker pull ahplummer/og_platform_eng to try things out.

AWS-SSHSecrets-POC This leverages SecretsManager in AWS to store a private SSH key to be able to log into a pre-provisioned EC2. This repo has the infra for EC2, key generation, and usage of the login script. This works by leveraging the “tagging” aspect of EC2’s.

Terraform LAMP Stack AWS Recipe is a simple EC2 cluster with Apache, PHP installed, alongside MySQL RDS instances that are multi-AZ.

API Starter is something I built after I discovered that I absolutely love the Spring Initializer project. This is my attempt to create a “boilerplate” for other API projects. My first one is Python3/Flask. I plan on adding other things into this (Golang, for example). Things used:

Terraform Lightsail is my simple Terraform / Ansible scripting of AWS Lightsail. It’s a good starter for someone.

Terraform Azure Win10 is my Terraform/Packer scripts for standing up a base Window 10 environment in Azure. It’s also a good starter for someone.

CC-Trainer is written in Python, and works with Exchange that’s not MFA’d. This was birthed from my desire to train email senders to not send me carbon-copy’s if they are wanting action from me.

AWSDocker is an older project that encapsulates the AWS CLI along with the Cloud Foundry CLI. It’s an environment for platform engineering shenanigans. It’s a good starting point for shenanigans related to AWS and Cloud Foundry.

EnvConsul-Vault is my starting point of working with envconsul and Vault.

Jutestring is my URL shortener service that I built for our Slack environment, and host on Lightsail. Feel free to poach. It’s written in Python.

SentenceGenerator is a simple Sentence Generator that you can hook up to Slack and “roll dice” and get randomly constructed sentences. You can see it working here.

Covid SMS is a Twilio integrated Go app that runs against the NY Times Github. Read the readme over there how to use this.

Slack-define is written in Python and is used in Slack to define words against an online dictionary, but also allows a team to add to a kind of localized ‘urban dictionary’ to collect up their own internal language.

LeetSpeak is written in Go, and converts an English sentence/word into LeetSpeak.

Pirain is written in Python, and designed to run on a Raspberry Pi, to use with a relay expansion board. This was before I bought my fabulous Rachio smart controller. It’s designed to do a lookup of weather forecast for precipitation, then send a signal to the “moisture sensor” on the clock, thus overriding the regularly scheduled watering. It basically turns your hooptie bottom-line Hunter/Rainbird controller into something a bit more “smart”.

SiteMonitor is a super simple webscraping monitor to make sure website is up. Written in Python, I had a need to quickly determine if a certain site was up, while working in an environment that was rather rigid in purchasing monitoring tools.